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Last Updated:
June, 2014

A FIAT Ducato van was chosen by ih motor campers in 2005 for our van conversion as FIAT had been making this model for a number of years and as "NEWBIES" we had hoped for 10 years of trouble-free motorhoming.

Therefore it came as quite a surprise to discover after just 14 months (May 2007) large strips of silver grey top coat paint starting to flake off our new ih motor campers motorhome's roof exposing cream undercoat primer.

Even micro-blistering was observed occurring in places exposing pinheads of cream undercoat primer.

Being more than 12 months old, ih motor campers referred us to FIAT UK as the paint work was covered under FIAT's 3 Year Paintwork Warranty. Legally, we had to let FIAT UK rectify their factory paint failures

Then less than 24 months later in October 2009, FIAT's repaint started blistering across the entire roof area and with the repainted silver grey paint flaking off AGAIN as shown in these photographs! As motorhome supplier, ih motor campers offered no assistance.

FIAT UK were contacted again (October 2009) for them to visit and inspect the roof. FIAT UK replied that as our '06' Ducato van was now more than 3 years old it was outside their original FIAT factory 3 Year Paint Warranty and FIAT UK were not interested in resolving their original Italian manufacturing plant's poor paint finish nor their subsequent paint failures - all now requiring resprays.


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TIMBERLAND "FREEDOM 2"  (March 2006)
Just three days separates this silver grey FIAT Ducato vehicle from the webmasters' van conversion above, but the problem appears the same - flaking FIAT Ducato factory applied silver grey paintwork.

With winter's snow gone, this Timberland owner got quite a shock as he hosed down his motorhome in February 2010, before performing its first "Wash and Polish" of the year, to find his motorhome's silver grey paint washing off in strips exposing cream undercoat primer beneath as the photographs show.
Local coachwork repairers commented that the silver grey paint was peeling off due to poor adhesion between primer and top coat; and FIAT UK agreed that the paint failure was quite advanced and on going for some time.

However, as the Ducato van was now out of its 3 Year Paintwork Warranty its repair would not be covered by FIAT UK ... sounds a familiar experience. Subscriber also reported that the supplier, Timberland was negotiating a repair or compensation on the owner's behalf from FIAT UK  ... latest news


MURVI "MORELLO"  (August 2006)
Similar story has been emailed to us from a Murvi motorhome owner. Paint started flaking off this FIAT Ducato van conversion within the 3 Year Paintwork Warranty and therefore the roof was resprayed by FIAT UK under warranty. Less than four years old however, FIAT's respray paint is now flaking off and the owner is seeking further paintwork repairs.


With FIAT UK accepting that it as normal for FIAT Ducato paintwork will flake off their vehicles every couple of years, we have been collating other van conversion owners experiences and what support their motorhome supplier has offered to resolve this paint problem when outside FIAT's 3 Year Paintwork Warranty.

A picture of why FIAT's paintwork micro blisters and suddenly starts flaking off in large strips has emerged from the emails and reports received ... thank you to all who emailed their experiences to webmasters

For those who do not wish to throw good money after bad, Halfords Touch Up paint is proved a temporary solution to cover up exposed bare cream undercoat primer areas as soon as the FIAT colour coat starts flaking off in the second year. You will need your FIAT Paint Code from the sticker under engine bonnet.
Halfords paint applied to FIAT's exposed undercoat in October 2009 peeled off in June 2011 - a slightly better performance than the original factory applied FIAT paint coating on our motorhome... read more
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